keynotes & workshops

with strong mid-west roots and a flair for adventure, camille simpson has been around the world and back again and is proud to be a professional keynote speaker. she is passionate about connecting with young audiences and has spoken to tens of thousands of students across the country, from california to vermont, about leadership, adventure, and teamwork.

she is a highly sought after speaker and her keynotes and workshops are perfect for student leadership conferences, conventions, and school assemblies. she believes in the lasting impacts we have on one another through leadership, meaningful friendships, and small acts of service, all combined with the power of the #uglyselfie.

the great leadership adventure


leadership and adventure have many similarities and camille is no stranger to either. she compiles lessons learned while living abroad and brings them together in her most requested keynote speech, a hilarious and heartfelt “adventure guide” to life and leadership for student leaders of all kinds.

what language are you speaking?

advisor workshop

sometimes working with students call feel like speaking a different language. this workshop is for advisors and dives into the roles of leader and listener and what makes each role important. it’s interactive, it’s fun, and it’s full of team-building activities to teach us how to better hear others and how to better be heard.


keynote & workshop

the most incredible part about electricity is that it is so powerful, the current has a destiny of its own: to become. it believes so strongly in itself that it must become. why should you be any different? sometimes all it takes is a little pressure and a little friction before your life erupts in light. then it’s up to you to decide – how brightly do you want to shine?

serve it up


camille is no stranger to service after the years spent in the peace corps. but service isn’t only found in moving 10,000 away. service is found in the little moments in our daily lives in the ways we serve our communities, our family, our friends, and ourselves.

  • camille’s sparkle and enthusiasm invoked a spirited response from our students and advisers at missouri’s NHS state convention. camille’s inspirational anecdotes about her time in the peace corps motivated our students to make strong choices as lifelong leaders and provide selfless service to others. her relatable demeanor with all ages makes camille the perfect fit for any event!
    linda whitford, executive directormissouri association of national honor societies
  • MASC loved camille and her presentation! she was full of energy and enthusiasm sharing her message and interacting with the audience beautifully. she absolutely rocked our theme for the event. i have never had a speaker who related her message so directly with the theme we developed! camille is a speaker who is positive, passionate and has a great stage presence. she is easy to work with and will do all she can to help you have a successful event!
    terri johnson, executive directormissouri association of student councils
  • camille yameen was the perfect speaker for our youth conference. she has a love of people, life experience beyond her years, a delightful sense of humor, and the communication skills to bring it all together to inspire others. we look forward to working with her again!
    bradd anderson, youth development specialistmissouri 4-h
  • camille is an ideal example of what we should all be when we grow up. her stories are inspiring and she has an incredible heart for what she does.
    studentliberty north high school
  • it’s heartwarming to listen to a young person who has a heart for service and the desire to develop leaders in our youth and do good in the world.
    kendra callaway, prevention program directorliberty alliance for youth
  • camille’s message of the simplicity of service was heartfelt and reinforced by her presence and phenomenal life experience. our student body left feeling inspired, challenged, and revitalized to make a small difference, even a small one, in the lives of others.
    kenneth somer, principalcolumbine high school